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4 Benefits of Keeping Yourself Hydrated

Regardless of our lifestyle, staying hydrated is of paramount importance. This is especially true for those with an active lifestyle, which requires continuous replenishment of fluids in our body. This means ensuring that you are consuming the right amount of water before, during and after exercise. It is no secret that water is critical for the transport of nutrients, regulate our body temperature and lubricates our joints.

Let us discover the wonderful benefits of keeping hydrated.

#1 Promotes cardiovascular health

Do you feel giddy and thirsty during warm and sunny days or after an exercise? You may be experiencing dehydration which lowers your blood volume. As such, your heart has to work harder to pump the lower amount of blood so that there is sufficient oxygen reaching your cells. This will be a drag on your daily activity such as walking up the stairs.

#2 Friends of your muscles and joints

When your body is well hydrated, the water within the cell and outside the cells of contracting muscles has a higher ability to provide sufficient nutrients and remove body waste efficiently. You might not know that water is critical for lubricating joints. However, do note that muscle cramps are seldom associated with dehydration; instead, it is due to muscle fatigue.

#3 A boost to your immune system

Alkaline water goes a long way to improving your health condition beyond pure water. It has the ability to maintain our body in a more alkaline state. This is a natural way of neutralising the free radicals in our body, which is the main culprit of ageing; thus helping us to remove body toxins. In general, it is a boost to our long-term health.

#4 Help to keep heat illnesses away

Heat illnesses often surface when your body is dehydrated and the body system is unable to cool itself effectively during exercise. The three common stages of heat illnesses: heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke are signs for you to quickly replenish fluids into your body. Heat stroke is the most dangerous out of the 3 stages. You are likely to face fast heartbeat, flushed skin or even loss of consciousness.

With the plethora benefits of keeping yourself hydrated, it is time to set a constant reminder to replenish your body with sufficient water. You may be amazed by the natural magical effects on your health.