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4 Habits To Improve Your Health

Despite the temptation of gourmet food, many of us aspire to lead a healthy lifestyle. After all, we are taught to consume each type of food in moderation. While it is indeed tough to be reminded of the importance of discipline in our lifestyle. Below are some habits that you can cultivate towards healthy living.

#1 Consider healthy unprocessed food
The convenience and minimum preparation time of purchasing packaged foods have led us to consume food that contains a large number of preservatives. Most of such food also contains man-made colourings and other added chemicals that can ruin your health. Therefore, you might consider preparing a meal using unprocessed food to reap multiple health benefits. Add some fresh vegetables and lean meat as a start.

#2 Change to healthy cooking ways
A direct way to a healthier diet is to avoid deep-frying your food as it can increase the number of calories in your food. If you boil vegetables till they lost the natural colour, it is likely to drain the nutrients of the food too. Why not try to grill your meant or stir-fry vegetables such that they are lightly crunchy. Steaming your food might help retain the nutrients too.

#3 Reduce the portion size
In today’s consumerism lifestyle, it might be tough to understand what a healthy food portion might look like. The combo and bundle meal discount often motivates us to consume more food that we need. For some of us, we might also struggle with health or weight issue. Therefore, always eat food in moderation. An ideal lunch includes a quarter plate of lean protein food and another quarter of wholegrain carbohydrates. The remaining can be filled with vegetables or perhaps a salad to fit your taste.

#4 Consider drinking alkaline water
Half of our body is made up of water. Hence, we should be mindful of the quality of water we consume as they can have a tremendous impact on our health. That is why at Triple Lifestyle, we promote the consumption of alkaline water to enhance our health. Our body works towards reaching an alkaline state and the consumption of acidic food such as meat and sugar can impact the performance of our body system. Daily consumption of alkaline water can help our body works towards restoring an alkaline state and thus promotes a healthy body system.
Once you internalised these healthy tips regularly, it will become a habit and you should see a significant improvement in your health.