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A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing an Alkaline Dispenser in Singapore

Finally decided to invest on an Alkaline water dispenser? We have listed down some guide questions to help you choose the right one for your home or office.

But first, what is an Alkaline water dispenser?

Yes, it sounds so literal — a machine system that dispenses Alkaline water. The real question though is how does it work? Well, an Alkaline water machine basically restores the proper pH balance in a liquid that is good for the body, making it at least 7+.

Why are Alkaline water dispensers priced differently by Singapore companies?

It’s the same with any other machines, when the quality is good, the price tend to be higher. Most of the time, the cheaper the price, the poorer the quality. Some good quality Alkaline water dispensers are even imported. Installation fee and maintenance cost is a factor on the pricing too.

How to choose the best Alkaline water dispenser in Singapore?

Marketing strategies may trick you into buying a dispenser that is great-looking in the fliers. Don’t lose your sight on the right one which is accredited by the authorities and certified by Health Science Authority (HSA). You can also read reviews made by other people who have already tried the product. These are raw and reliable.

How to avoid spending too much for an Alkaline water dispenser?

Before making the purchase, make sure you know the costs. Firstly, ask if the installation comes with a fee. It is best to get a supplier that provides free installation. Also for safety, ask for the cost of machine parts if something needs to be replaced and if there is a warranty. You should inquire for the electrical consumption of the machine too, so you will not be surprised with sudden increase in your bill.

Is it worth buying an Alkaline water dispenser?

“Health is wealth” is the truest cliche line ever. When we spend on anything that boosts our health, it’s already a good investment. Since Alkaline water gives so many health benefits, it can be an asset for your health! If you have the budget to purchase a dispenser, we encourage you to go for it.

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