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A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Alkaline Water Dispenser in Singapore

There are many alkaline water dispensers and machines to choose from in the market right now and it is very difficult for the consumers to make the right choice. But fret not, we understand your frustration and we hope we can help you out by putting out this detailed, in-depth guide about various alkaline water dispenser price and review.

What is Alkaline water?

In general, Alkaline water is less acidic water that is rich in minerals like potassium, silicate, calcium, bicarbonate and magnesium.

pH level measures the acidity and the alkaline content of a liquid, ranging from 0 to 14. Regular tap water has 6 to 7 but experts believe that our bodies need at least 7.8 to 9, which is what alkaline water contains. Acidic liquid normally has pH5, and alkaline has pH9, but when combined it becomes a neutral pH7.

What are the benefits of drinking Alkaline water?

Drinking regular water has many health benefits to the body such as improving our blood circulation, helping our system absorb nutrients better, regulating our body temperature, etc. Impressive health benefits of Alkaline water include metabolism improvement, immune system booster, body detox and fat reduction, age defying, bone-health booster, anti-cancer, Diabetes development prevention and a lot more.

How often should you drink alkaline water?

When just starting, it is advisable to drink 3 to 4 glasses (1 litre) of Alkaline water only daily. Gradually, you may increase to a glass until you reach 8 to 12 (2 – 3 litres) glasses per day. For better health results, you should track your body’s pH level.

Which is the best: DIY, bottled or alkaline water?

There are several ways to get alkaline water. Here’s a quick fact chart of their pros and cons.

DIY Cheap Time consuming

Hassle to prepare

Needs several ingredients

Bottled Easy to bring Expensive

Not eco-friendly

Not readily available at home

Alkaline Water Filter Readily available at home


Great investment

Costs the highest among the three choices

Sure, different suppliers arose upon the sudden popularity of Alkaline water but there are some factors to consider when buying your own Alkaline water ionizer. You have to ask if the supplier is certified by Health Science Authority and accredited by the authorities. It is also important to learn the process of filtration and machine specifications to make sure the system is effective. You should also go for a supplier that already has good reviews because real consumer feedback doesn’t lie.

Finally decided to invest on an Alkaline water dispenser? We have listed down some guide questions to help you choose the right one for your home or office.

But first, what is an Alkaline dispenser?

Yes, it sounds so literal – a system that dispenses Alkaline water. The real question though is how does it work? Well, an Alkaline water filter basically restores the proper pH balance in a liquid that is good and healthy for the body, making it at least 7+.

There are 2 types of alkaline water dispensers with different technologies. One of them is known as water purifier. This type of dispenser does not require electricity to operate. Water in the machine will flow through various filters so that the pH of the water can be increased to a mild alkaline reading of about 9.5. Besides increasing the pH of the water, it can also produce minerals beneficial to the body such as magnesium, calcium and potassium. Another type of machine is water ionizer. The technology uses a process known as electrolysis and it requires electricity to operate. Users will be able to select the pH level of the water that they prefer. Ionized water has strong anti-oxidant properties and drinking that will be able to help prevent cancer.

Alkaline water dispenser and filter price in Singapore

It’s the same with any other dispensers, when the product is good, the price tend to be higher. Some of the top Alkaline water dispensers are even imported. Installation fee and maintenance cost is a factor on the pricing too. You can expect a typical water dispenser to last at least for 3 years and it’s very possible to last for more than that if you manage it well.

Dispensers price in Singapore can range from $1,200 to $3,000 or even more depending on the quality and functions. Counter top models are usually priced between $1,200 to $2,000 while under cabinet models are priced over $2,000 most of the time. For the water filter replacement costs, they can range from $40 to $90.

How to choose the best Alkaline water filter machine in Singapore?

It is always helpful to understand and evaluate how each of the water dispensers work first before you get your hands on them.

Water filters: These filters are one of the most important factors to consider as they directly affect the quality of water you are drinking. Basically, they help to remove the impurities of the drinking water. There are single and dual filter system that you can choose from. If the water quality coming out from your tap is bad, then go for dual filter system. If not, a single filter system will serve you well.

pH ORP range: A good alkaline water dispenser should be able to provide both acidic and alkaline water for users’ needs. pH stands for “potential hydrogen” and ORP stands for “oxidation reduction potential”. pH scale runs from pH0 to pH14 and pH7 is the neutral value. Below pH7 is considered as acidic and above pH7 is alkaline. ORP measures the number of electrons stored in water and a higher negative ORP number helps to reduce the presence of oxidation.

For human consumption, the ideal pH level should be between 8.5 to 9.5 and not more than 10. pH values more than 10 are considered unhealthy for human consumption. The ideal ORP value should be between -200mV to -300mV and no more than -400mV.

Plates: The more plates that the machine has, the better is the ionizer. Anything lesser than 3 plates is considered a lesser effective product. There are 3 types of plates: slotted, solid and mesh. Solid plates are more durable and easier to maintain. The slotted and mesh plates are slightly cheaper and lighter weight but not as durable as the solid plates.

Warranty: It is important that the product comes with a warranty and a good Singapore company should provide that. Some of the product warranty to take note of is the customer service ratings, product quality certifications (BPA free/EPA approved), years of warranty, parts covered in the warranty, compliance (ISO 9000 certified), company associations (BBB etc).

Marketing strategies may trick you into buying a water filter that is great-looking in the fliers. Don’t lose your sight on the right one which is accredited by the authorities and certified by Health Science Authority (HSA) in Singapore. You can also read reviews made by other people who have already tried the product. These are raw and reliable.

Is it worth buying?

Before making the purchase, make sure you know the costs. Firstly, ask if the installation comes with a fee. It is best to get a supplier that provides free installation. Also for safety, ask for the costs and warranty as well. You should inquire for the electrical consumption of the water dispenser too, so you will not be surprised with sudden increase in your bill.

“Health is wealth” is the truest cliche line ever. When we spend on anything that boosts our health, it’s already a good investment. Since Alkaline water gives so many health benefits, it can be an asset for your health! If you have the budget to purchase a water dispenser for drinking, we encourage you to go for it.

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