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Everything You Need to Know about Alkaline Water

Everything You Need to Know about Alkaline Water

By now, surely you have heard of Alkaline water, and wondered why it is so talked about. Today, your questions will be answered!

What is Alkaline water?

In general, Alkaline water is less acidic water that is rich in minerals like potassium, silicate, calcium, bicarbonate and magnesium.

Let’s get slightly scientific for a bit. Remember how pH levels were discussed in school? Probably not anymore? Well, pH level measures the acidity and the alkaline content of a liquid, ranging from 0 to 14. Regular tap water has 6 to 7 but experts believe that our bodies need at least 7.8 to 9, which is what alkaline water contains. Acidic liquid normally has pH5, and alkaline has pH9, but when combined it becomes a neutral pH7, which is what the body needs.

What are the benefits of drinking Alkaline water?

Drinking regular water as it is has many benefits to the body such as improving our blood circulation, helping our system absorb nutrients better, regulating our body temperature, etc. Imagine getting all that and more with Alkaline water. Impressive health benefits of Alkaline water include metabolism improvement, immune system booster, body detox, body fat reduction, age defying, bone-health booster, anti-cancer, Diabetes development prevention and a lot more.

How often should you drink Alkaline water?

When just starting, it is advisable to drink 3 to 4 glasses (1 litre) of Alkaline water only daily. Gradually, you may increase to a glass until you reach 8 to 12 (2 – 3 litres) glasses per day. For better health results, you should track your body’s pH level.

Which is the best: DIY, bottled or machine system?

There are several ways to get alkaline water. Here’s a quick fact chart of their pros and cons.

DIY Cheap Time consuming

Hassle to prepare

Needs several ingredients

Bottled Easy to bring Expensive

Not eco-friendly

Not readily available at home

Machine System Readily available at home


Great investment

Costs the highest among the three choices

How do you pick the right Alkaline system?

Sure, different suppliers arose upon the sudden popularity of Alkaline water but there are some factors to consider when buying your own Alkaline machine system. You have to ask if the supplier is certified by Health Science Authority and accredited by the authorities. It is also important to learn the process of filtration and machine specifications to make sure the system is effective. You should also go for a supplier that already has good reviews because real consumer feedbacks don’t lie.

Where can you buy an Alkaline machine?

For an appointment with a trustworthy, heavy-duty Alkaline machine supplier, you may contact Triple Lifestyle at 6208 5218 or visit the new office in Tannery House at Macpherson Area.