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How Alkaline Water Can Improve Your Health

When you decide to switch to alkaline water, there are many health-related benefits that drinking water of a higher pH can offer. As there are certain acidic food that can be hard to abstain from such as rice, bread and fresh meat, drinking alkaline water thus helps to regulate your pH level when you are incorporating this habit into your daily routine.


As alkaline water is rich in minerals like silicate, potassium, bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium, these minerals contribute to the cure of many diseases. According to the Journal of Environmental and Public Health, while there is no conclusive evidence that proves an improvement in bone health through an alkaline diet, it reduces muscle wasting as one ages and improves chronic lower back pain. These studies hence have proven that alkaline water does have a positive effect on the body.


For starters, if you start drinking this type of water early, it can prevent many other diseases. When the body obtains too many acid-forming foods at once, it might not be able to neutralize or remove the acids fast enough on its own. When this happens over a longer period of time, this can eventually become a chronic condition called metabolic acidosis. This condition can further develop into other problems within your body including cancer.


For instance, the most susceptible to acidic damage are the alkaline glands in your pancreas. Having a pH of around 8, the acid load can interfere with the enzymes in your pancreatic juice, and these enzymes might become acidic in the process. Your pancreas is an essential part for proper digestion, thus when this happens, you might experience indigestion and pancreatitis. With alkaline water, you can benefit from its alkaline properties with improved digestive health.


Apart from that, converting to alkaline water can help with existing conditions that resulted from excess acidity. As alkaline can decrease dietary acid load, those with illnesses such as psoriasis and acid reflux can relieve its symptoms by drinking alkaline water.


Additionally, as alkaline water contains minerals like calcium and magnesium, these are important in maintaining healthy bones. While excess acidity increases the chances of bone loss, reducing it with alkaline water can play a part in alleviating the problem. When drinking this water on a regular basis, this also prevents osteoporosis as one grows older.


Furthermore, loaded with antioxidants, alkaline water can boost the immune system. It helps to fight free radicals and improves your overall health as a result. By restoring a proper pH balance in the body, the immune system is then able to better resist diseases.


While there are definitely many ways you can be healthier, one of the simplest methods you can go for is by drinking three to four glasses of alkaline water daily. Instead of spending money daily on purchasing alkaline water elsewhere, you can save money by investing in your own alkaline water machine/dispenser. Check your pH level every day to keep track on how your body is doing. The bottom line is, once you replace neutral pH water with alkaline water, you may not be aware but these water molecules in alkaline water are at work to give you what your body really needs.