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Is It Safe To Drink Alkaline Water During Pregnancy?

Regular water intake makes up for the water loss in our bodies and when we do not hydrate ourselves, we will feel tremendously drained out and lacking energy. Especially for pregnant women, they need all the energy they need to maintain a healthy environment for the baby. Thus, rather than eight cups of water, it is better to drink about ten cups every day. The pregnant body will need more water than ever to replenish the bodily fluids and aside from regular drinking water, it is also widely recommended to try alkaline water instead.


Before we get into that, why are people starting to drink this neutral pH water or even bottled water instead of tap water? This is actually due to how there is concern over the dangers of drinking from tap water, which is partly the reason why people continue to boil water when it is actually safe to drink directly from the tap without the need for boiling in Singapore. If you are not aware, chlorine has long been used as a chemical used to inhibit bacterial growth in our tap water. This ensures that the water we drink is safe and clean for consumption.


Yet, even though experts have said the level of chlorine in Singapore’s tap water is within acceptable limits, but for pregnant women to consume it, exposure to the chlorine in the water might not be good for the fetus. The reason is, chlorinated water has been known for causing respiratory problems such as asthma and more.


The original intention of chlorine might be to disinfect and remove bacteria but if you are still concerned, the good news is chlorine can be easily removed from our water by the use of water filters. Besides water filtration, another safer option for the well-being of you and your baby is drinking alkaline water.


“Is it safe to drink alkaline water during pregnancy?” You might be wondering to yourself now. We are aware of the importance of drinking water and its benefits, but during pregnancy, the type of water you drink actually makes a difference.


Not only will it not harm your developing baby, the baby will, in fact, need alkalinity in order to stay healthy and grow properly. For instance, alkaline water contains natural calcium in it, promoting healthy bones and also reduces calcium loss in both mother and child.


Besides benefitting your child, these alkaline materials play an important role for you as well. The reason is, the pregnant body tends to be more acidic. This is due to the baby’s constant intake of your body’s alkaline elements and output of acidic waste. Acid buildup is the root cause of swelling and other conditions that can potentially arise during your pregnancy. As alkaline water has a high pH level, this helps to balance your pH level by neutralising the acid buildup expelled from both the baby’s body and yours.


So, to answer your question, yes it is safe to drink alkaline water during pregnancy. A hydrated body generally helps to alleviate any effects of pregnancy such as morning sickness and indigestion. But with the addition of alkaline, you can feel more assured with the health benefits it will bring for you and your baby.