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Maintaining clean and safe drinking water

All of us must be conscious of our environment. From the land where we live, the air that we breathe, and most especially the water that we drink. “Water is life,” as the old saying goes. Protecting the water supply at home is everyone’s significant task. In order to maintain the good quality of water at home, it is important to check the whole water system including the plumbing, storage such as the water dispenser and the delivery.


Let us take a look at some tips to ensure and maintain the good quality of drinking water at home.


Check the service line of your home. Water filtration may be a good way to ensure the cleanliness of your water but you must also consider the age of your home. If the house was built more than 20 years ago, there is a big possibility that the main service line where your water system is connected has the same age. In this case, if the line is made of lead, it is something to be concerned about.


Do annual testing. Whatever the type of water you are using at home, may it be mineral, purified, or alkaline water, annual testing is an important factor to keep it safe and clean. If the budget permits, you may also consider having a water treatment system between your well and your home for more safety.


Regularly clean the filters. Water treatment system, as well as the water filtration, must be maintained according to the specifications set by the manufacturer. This may include cleaning and replacing the filter cartridges on a regular basis. An occasional call for professional service is also important since they are the ones who really know the job. They do double checking in the system which is important since filters that need to be replaced or those that no longer work may leave bad taste and odour.


Clean water storage properly. Perfectly clean water is nothing if the storage is dirty. In fact, unclean water storage makes it more unsafe to drink. Containers such as water bottles and pitchers must be cleaned regularly even without visible dirt. Using odourless chlorine bleach diluted in water can make wonder. Soak the containers into the solution and let it sit for 30 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with tap water.


Water is significant to all of us that is why we should also include the conservation of water as part of maintaining its cleanliness. By implementing these tips at home, we are not just keeping our own water clean but we are also helping to save our environment in our own little way.