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Reasons Why A Water Filtration System Is Better Than Bottled Water

You might see some of your friends starting to have their own water filtration system either at home or in the office but with your constant daily routine of buying bottled water, you might be wondering if you should make the switch as well. If you are pondering over whether it is really better to drink filtered water than bottled water, continue reading on to help make your decision easier.


Filtered water makes use of your home’s water and it has its advantages, the first being that it does not have any odor. Besides being pleasant-tasting, water filtration systems are also cost-effective. While the installation cost of the filtration system can be high, you can potentially save a lot of money with a water filter.


Additionally, water filtration systems help to clear contaminants with the use of physical barriers such as reverse osmosis and carbon filters. This is why regular maintenance may be required to ensure the cleanliness and effectiveness of the system but at the end of the day, investing in a good filter can help you spend the extra money elsewhere in a long run.


Moving on, bottled water can bring such convenience when you are on the go. It is portable and easily accessible to purchase from a nearby store. Even if you do not buy it from outside, there are bottled water and supermarket delivery services that allow you to buy in bulk and have it delivered to your doorstep. It might also be safer to drink, with bottled water companies adopting more advanced techniques in ensuring that the water is as clean and as pure as it can be.


Yet, bottled water is said to be not always 100-percent contaminant-free. Plastic bottles, in fact, can leach chemicals into the water they contain. The longer the water is stored in the bottle, the more concentrated these chemicals get.


With that, consider filtered versus bottled water using these three points:


  • How expensive is bottled water versus filtered water? When you are doing your research on the different water filter prices, consider how often everyone in your family are buying bottled water every day and let’s say for a month, how much your family spends on that as a whole. Compare that to the cost of buying a water filter and if buying a water filter is going to significantly save you money, perhaps investing in a water filter is the way to go.


  • How do bottled water and filtered water affect the environment? You might already be aware of the global consumption of plastics, and so is the evident rise of plastic pollution. Filtered water, on the other hand, does not generate any waste. Here, filling a reusable bottle with filtered water beats contributing to plastic waste.


  • How clean is the water they provide? How good does it taste? Unlike bottled water, filtered tap water carries zero risk of phthalate contamination. Phthalate is a colorless chemical which increases the flexibility of plastic. This gives bottled water an unpleasant taste. Water filtration systems does not have phthalate and also gets rid of the taste of chlorine from regular tap water, making filtered water the best option for taste.


As important as it is to stay hydrated, it is equally important to know the type of water you should be drinking that would not only benefit yourself but the environment as well. In this case, it is better to run your water through a water filter as it will ultimately be a cleaner, more environmentally-friendly option for you and your family.