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Reasons You Probably Need a Countertop Water Dispenser

Did you know that you could be mistaking the feeling of hunger for thirst instead? Sometimes at work, you might think you are hungry when in fact, your body is only in need of some water. Dehydration can confuse you like that.


But because you have not been aware of this, you have just been overeating, especially with the pantry being a couple steps away from your desk. This means that having a filtered water dispenser in your office would make it equally convenient for you to get water. This will help you to solve this problem of overeating when you start to hydrate yourself more frequently.


Countertop water dispenser provides the rejuvenating hydration you need in a mini, compact size. It saves you a lot of space, requiring just the corner of the table in your pantry. Apart from that, here are some less noticeable yet life-changing benefits a countertop water dispenser will bring once you integrate it into your life:


  • Having a water dispenser will give you the motivation to drink more water. At work, when you stopped halfway to notice your fellow colleague refilling his mug of water, you can take this as a reminder to hydrate yourself.


  • You might often feel tired during those long hours at work. This is largely due to the insufficient liquid intake that can otherwise help your body function better. A countertop water dispenser provides you with easy access to water at all times of the day. When you quench your thirst the moment you feel like it, you are replenishing your body’s need for water and this will instantly re-energise you for the rest of the day.


  • Filtering your own water is a more environmentally friendly option. Provides convenient water with a pure fresh taste. The majority of us are still consuming our drinks from disposable plastic bottles, contributing to the increasing waste that does no good to our environment. You can do your part in reducing plastic bottle waste with a countertop water dispenser. Not only will you no longer need to buy bottled water when you are on your way to work, you will have fresh, filtered water at your disposal.


  • Many water dispensers come with hot and cold water taps. When it is a rainy, cold day, you get to make yourself a warm cup of coffee instantly without the hassle of having to boil water. The same goes for when it is a hot day, and this brings such convenience when you are looking for a quick refreshment. Besides drinks, there can be times where the workload gets too much and you might have to stick around during lunchtime. In situations like this, the usual cup of noodles is a constant go-to and having a countertop water dispenser will come in handy.


If you are someone who has a habit of overeating out of boredom or eat just to get rid of that supposedly-empty feeling in your stomach, sipping some water is your solution. When you listen to your body more often, it can help you tremendously. Once you have eliminated the signs of mild dehydration, this will make it much easier to identify hunger. With a countertop water dispenser in your office, you are able to quickly get that extra boost of energy and contribute to the move of reducing plastic waste. Most importantly, you will slowly not find the need to snack when you recognise the fact that you are simply thirsty.