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The Importance of Having a Hot and Cold Water Dispenser in the Workplace

This is something that most companies already have in their pantry or within their office space: A hot and cold water dispenser. But if you don’t, perhaps it is time to start considering having one with all the benefits it brings.


We are all aware that plastic waste is a growing issue for not just Singapore, but for the rest of the world. Single-use plastic bottles can be easily eliminated, which is why becoming bottle-less is increasingly turning into a habit for some people in the workplace. Yet, while this is being done, where will your employees get their water when they are at work?


Just a few people doing so would also not help as much than what an entire company can accomplish together. This could be your business’ move in encouraging your employees to cut down plastic use. Having a mug in the office, coupled with your handy water dispenser, instantly helps a little in the reduction of plastic disposables. Your employees will also be happy to enjoy the convenience of not bringing a bottle to work anymore, whether plastic or not.


Besides that, here are four other reasons as to why putting a water dispenser in the office is a great idea:


1. For healthier employees

With our eyes glued to the laptop screen, we spend most of our time in the office and we all know how humans are recommended to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. With a water dispenser, your company is doing its part in ensuring that your employees are keeping themselves hydrated. It shortens their trip of getting water, and they can easily get a drink when the need for it strikes. This could be your key to healthier employees as drinking water definitely helps to reduce the risks of illnesses.

2. Indirectly saves your company money

The never-ending collection of medical certificates does the company no good and might cost you more than money. That includes your reputation. When you focus on the health of your employees, the company will then be able to ensure maximum performance from them. Being healthier would mean lesser sick days. As dramatic as it sounds, when your employees do not fall sick, deadlines are met faster. With happier clients, that generally helps you and your company save money.

3. Put in more effort for your company

If you do not have a water dispenser at all or only have a single tap dispenser, it would be bad for those who are feeling a little under the weather and in need of a hot drink. A simple move of having a hot and cold water dispenser hence shows that you put your employees’ health at utmost priority. When your employees see you putting in effort for them, this is one way of retaining such talented people in your company as they see a working environment worth staying in.

4. Healthy employees means happy employees

Dehydration can result to fatigue and disorientation. The mood of one employee will be affected as a result. Now, imagine having an office filled with tired, sluggish workers. To beat this lull in performance, people need to hydrate themselves to increase their ability to perform at their best. Drinking water in the workplace is thus important for productivity at work. For the much-needed boost in energy, having easily accessible drinking water within their reach is necessary. It ultimately maintains the energy levels of your employees, which in turn allows them to focus better.