The water that changes life, Triple Lifestyle

As the global warming get worse and more pollution affect us, the quality of the air we breathe the quality of water we drink are dropping every day.

At Triple Lifestyle, we believe that basic health care services and products should be affordable regardless of your income level or business models. Triple Lifestyle is the only provider currently on the market that is willing to offer subsidized rate for all their products and interest free installment packages. We strongly believe that health care should be a right not a privilege. Living healthier and staying well is vital in life.

Triple Lifestyle do not have any subsidiary companies in Singapore as of this moment. Triple Lifestyle is the only sole distributor and dealer in Singapore. Other subsidiary of Triple Lifestyle are currently based in other part of South East Asia mainly Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

At Triple Lifestyle, we are dedicated to provide better and safer quality of water for people coming from all walks of life. Ranging from resident to commercial. Triple Lifestyle provides affordable water filtration system and other health related products that will revolutionizes the things you once took for granted. Water is essential to life. Our daily activities include the different usage of water, may it be cooking, drinking, washing or bathing etc. Triple Lifestyle water purifier system instantly transform tap water into antioxidant Alkaline water that help balance the body’s pH. Triple Lifestyle water filtration system have undergone series of tests and is certified safe even for new born baby.

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