Triple Lifestyle's Triple Mode Water Dispenser Available in Singapore

Triple Lifestyle’s Triple Mode Water Dispenser

Functions & Features

Hot, Puri & Cold System
Power Rating = Customer’s Optional
Tank Capacity = Cold 4L Hot 2.2L



Do you own a water dispenser in Singapore?

Installing a Triple Mode water dispenser in Singapore grants you the convenience to enjoy filtered water at your ideal temperature at any time of the day without any waiting time. Our elegant looking Triple system hot, pure and cold water dispenser with build infiltration system comes with a safety function (Child lock) to provide children from getting hurt and accident from happening. To meet the safety requirement, our triple mode water dispenser system is also armed with an automatic temperate sensor and thermostat protector to prevent overheating.

Our water dispenser comes with…

• Multiplier stages of water filtration (hot & cold)
• Hot water safety lock function
• Easy to maintain and replace filter
• Overheating prevent (automatic temperate sensor and thermostat protector)

Get your Triple Mode water dispenser in Singapore now!


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