Water Filtration For Sink that comes with FREE installation

Water Filtration For Sink

Functions & Features

• Concealed “under the sink” water filtration system
• Multiplier stages of water filtration
• Alkaline Antioxidant Water – Ionized Water


Concealed Water Filtration System “under the sink”

Our unique space saving concealed water filtration system is designed for the kitchen, thereby allowing users to have more counter space. The “under the sink” system will not be visible by sight, and hidden below your sink, preventing crashing with your interior design themes.

The system comes with a four stages filtration will not only eliminate bacteria/virus, dirt and at the same time convert the water into alkaline antioxidant water. In other words, it also serves as a water purifier. Only at Triple Lifestyle, we would provide free installation for all our customers.

Get your water filtration system/water purifier in Singapore now!


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